Starlight Children’s Foundation StarBQ

Who doesn’t love a BBQ!? Today Zbreaks and HiRUM hosted a StarBQ to socialise, fundraise and make a difference to the lives of seriously ill children across Australia.

Zbreaks Volunteers for Starlight Day

Zbreaks is a proud partner of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. On Friday 6th May, Starlight Children’s Foundation painted NightQuarter purple and yellow to help support the Starlight Day fundraising campaign!

stay hidden at the whitsundays

Quiet Queensland: For A More Relaxed Vacation

Vacations don’t always mean adrenaline-filled and high-energy getaways. Sometimes we don’t feel spirited enough to spend all day outside. Tired, sore, and drained from the demands of our normal routine, we just need a quiet place to explore and relax for a little while. Australia’s never short of the fun and exciting, but it also […]

Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia, Yacht, Catamaran Sailing

New South Wales: Places For Family Fun

There’s always that time of the year when you pack up your things and bring the family and pets with you to go on a family getaway for a few days. Australia has no shortage of things to do and places to see – but deciding where to take the family can easily overwhelm the […]

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Movie Recommendations: 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival

While the 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival has a plethora of events that will delight movie and cinema enthusiasts from all walks of life, it wouldn’t really live up to its name without the films. With a long history of recognising not only Australian filmmaking but as well as foreign filmmaking, there’s always something fresh […]

catch the film festival at gold coast this 2016

Gold Coast Film Festival 2016 : Event Primer

If you like pop culture, the movie industry and all aspects of film and cinema, you’ll certainly want to book a holiday in Gold Coast for the 2016 Gold Coast Film Festival (GCFF). Long held as a celebration of Australian and international films and filmmaking, the GCFF offers a diverse program of events and activities. […]

International Women’s Day Celebration and Lunch

Zbreaks Senior Executive Sylvia and team member Rebecca attended the International Women’s Day Celebration and Awards Presentation Lunch at the Arts Centre Gold Coast. The annual event recognises the success of women past and present, and provides an opportunity to make a commitment to equality to all.

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Accommodation and Donation: Charity Travel Fundraising

Thinking about a holiday to escape the noisy office or bustling commute? Or perhaps just to go somewhere new to relax for a few days and go sightseeing? Now you can take a trip not only to reward yourself, but also help a good cause at the same time! That’s travel fundraising. Australia’s tourism generates […]

Starlight Express Room Morning Tea

Members of the Zbreaks team attended the Starlight Express Room Morning Tea at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

View along Noosa Main Beach

Top Australian Beaches You Must See

Thinking about a quick getaway somewhere where you can just relax for a day or two? Why not check out the beach? Australia has over 30,000 miles of coastline – that’s around 10,000 registered beaches, so you’ll never run out of options.